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December 18, 2012



Hi Kelli,
first of all thank you very much for testing this app and writing about it. I will download it as soon as I'm done typing.

I've actually stopped any real tracking of my migraines years ago. It felt like too much of a hassle. I just mark the migraine on my calendar and add which and how many Triptans I've taken (since I shouldn't take more than 12 of those a month - doctor's orders - I need to know where I stand as the month's end draws near). The next day I tend to reflect on possible triggers, usually finding one or more culprits. It isn't a very comprehensive and reliable method though.

A good and easy way of tracking which won't heighten the funk I fall into, courtesy of Triptans, would be very welcome.

I will try the My Migraine Triggers app and hope I'll find out what I can do to reduce the frequency of my migraines.

Thank you for sharing this.


Erm, I'll have to wait to use the My Migraine Triggers app. As it's not available in the Swiss iTunes store.

I certainly wasn't expecting that. What with Novartis being a Swiss company and my having worked for them. You'd think the app should have been easily accessible to me.
One has to appreciate the irony though.

Bummer. And yet, thanks for sharing. You don't happen to know of any other similar migraine trackers that would be readily available and useful?


Nice idea about an app to track triggers. I tracked mine for years ... I had migraines for something like 30 years, 5 a month generally. One month I gave up dairy ... ALL dairy. And that month, I got no migraine. So I tried it the next month. No migraines. So I've been migraine free for like, 8 years. Except on occasion when I've cheated.

Here is the thing though: the migraine does NOT happen after I eat dairy. It happens sometime that month, maybe. It's not an obvious "trigger" thing at all.

A similar thing is true of gluten, for me. I gave it up, and a lot of things got better. But it took months, and the symptoms weren't obviously connected to what I was eating.

I'm happy to be healthier now. I hope at some point someone figures out all the science behind it.

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