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June 30, 2011



it would be sooo great if a cure for migraine will be found! many people are suffering from severe migraine headaches and nothing helps. and if it will be botox - it is great too.


Have you tried Zomig for your migraines? It's been a miracle for me, but I know it doesn't work as well for everyone.

Kelli Smith

Hi Karolina,
I did try Zomig year ago. I didn't pursue as I was having such great luck with another triptan (Imitrex/Sumatriptan)... but I'd bet if I couldn't get relief with the "suma" that the "zolmitriptan" in Zomig would probably might work for me as well. Thanks so much for commenting. I know it is so helpful for other migraineurs to see posts and comments from people about what is working for them. It's all about trial and error with this nasty disease!
Best, Kelli :)

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