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July 27, 2010



How did you get them to offer this too you. I posted this on my blog a few months ago to ask people about. How are you getting these companys to offer you things? please share

Kelli Smith

Hi Christina,
I'm sure they just found me from the blog and thought I might be a good person to review the product. I don't do anything to actively solicit product review items.
Best, Kelli :)

Patty Hone

I reviewed the Soothe Away product for my blog (on JustMommies.com) too. I just stumbled across your blog when I was looking up something migraine related. I get frequent migraines and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the SootheAway. It doesn't cure all my headaches but it provides great pain relief and they usually do not last quite as long when I use it.

I wanted to share a couple things after reading your review. What I do is rotate cold and heat. I may use each for 30 minutes but try to switch after 30 minutes. That seems to provide the best relief for my migraines.

Filling the water is so easy. I just bought a jug of distilled water. I fill the cap and then add water. It usually just takes two cap fulls. I don't find it hard to fill at all if I do it this way.

Another thing you mentioned was that you liked ice for your headaches and thought this wouldn't get cold enough. This is actually one of the reasons I like using this so much better than ice. Ice normally gets too cold for me, so cold that it is painful. I like this better because I can control how cold it gets.

I really like the SootheAway and tell people about it all the time. It's really great.

I am going to book mark your blog because I read on migraines a lot and you have really great info.

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I am sure going to review this product.I know there are some devices that help certain migraines...no harm in giving it a try to avoid the horrid attacks.


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