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October 10, 2004



I had Botox treatments for my migraines. There is a neurologist at my local hospital who administers them. My insurance wouldn't pay for it, so it was an out-of-pocket expense for me.

I don't recall exactly how many injections were given in one treatment, but it was around a dozen, given around my forehead and head. They weren't really too painful.

For the first few days, I thought they were helping. But, for me, it didn't last; I think my initial reaction was psychosomatic, or just a easier period, as these things come and go off and on (I should explain that my migraines are daily).

The wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead disappeared, but other than that, I got no relief. I understand, however, that this is NOT the typical response. Since the botox had no real effect on my migraines, the neurologist didn't think a second treatment was worthwhile, and I agreed.


I tried Botox several months ago. I received about 10 injections, & it did improve the "superficial" migraines I get on the left side of my head.

Unfortunately, I rarely get migraines on this side of my head; most of my migraines are a much deeper pain on the right side of my head & neck. The Botox did little to nothing for these migraines.

My doctor persuaded me to try Botox one more time, based on the premise that Botox can have a cumulative effect. He also said that one really needs to have three treatments before concluding that Botox will really not help.

However, the second Botox treatment did even less for me than the first (in other words, nothing), so I saw no point to returning for a third treatment.

Kelli Smith

I had abandoned the idea of using Botox when I learned about how it's tested on animals and just couldn't stomach it. I just read from the HSUS the following:

"On Friday, Botox manufacturer Allergan announced that the company has developed—and received federal approval for—a new procedure that avoids using animals in testing this product. The company expects the new method to reduce animal use in Botox testing by 95 percent within three years, as it secures regulatory approvals outside the United States."

Read more here:

Good news for animal-loving migraineurs who want to give botox a try.

Best, Kelli :)

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